how is everyone's monday

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how is everyone's monday
Mon, 08-02-2010 - 5:24pm

Hi- wondering how everyone is doing. haven't read many posts on here lately- jan are you around?

My medication increase and klonopin have helped me cope abit, but my worries are still there but at least they are warranted and not really made up or unrealistic. Zencasts have been a calming influence on me, as well as walking and helping my MIL, who is the sweetest woman ever.

i hope all of you are finding happiness even in small things, which is something i have been trying to do.
i pray for you all and give out hugs over the web.

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 5:48pm
(((Elaine))) Thx for getting us started this week! Somehow or another, I got my days & nights mixed up again & had to take a nap this afternoon, so am getting to the board later than I wanted.
I had a panic attack to end all panic attacks last Thurs. night! It was awful): I am not sure why or how or what or whatever caused it. All I know is that I was really feeling sick & had to call the dr. It is stress plain & simple. I am sitting here w/an unopened bottle of effexor. Per usual, I am dragging my feet to the help I desperately need. The buspar isn't covering the anxiety, though I have taken it as ordered for over 2 weeks. He told me to keep on taking it.
I spent all weekend w/that gnawing pit in my stomach that something dreadful was going to happen. It didn't & I'm still here! Thank God! I actually feel as if watching movies, reading & doing needlework most of the weekend helped me to let off the pressure I felt.
Like Jess said a couple of months ago, we all have to soldier on;) Where is she BTW??? Are you out there, Jess?
GL to you, Elaine. Keep in touch. GBU! jan



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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 6:06pm

Jan - really sorry about the panic attack from hell- unfortunately I know the feeling and would not wish it on anyone. i ]t is good that you found ways to help cope with it.
not being able to control the actions of those we love is incredibly stressful. but nothing bad happened.
i hav been living with the anxiety/stress ever since i was little growing up with a bipolar father who had very distructive manic episodes, but he was such a good person when he wasn't like that. It is still hard to reconcile this in my brain, especially when dealing with a bipolar brother and a son with issues.

i hope you can try the effexor. buspar isn't a benzo, right. You don't want something like ativan to take when in that panic attack? It is a difficult decision what to do with meds because they do change you.

there is the famous saying that God does not give you more than you are able to handle, as well as what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. i get a good laugh out of both of those.

take care of yourself. Hugs