got a "chemo" shot to end ectopic pregna

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got a "chemo" shot to end ectopic pregna
Fri, 08-20-2010 - 6:36am

thank you all for you support.

its much appreciated.

i got a methotrexate shot to end my ectopic pregnancy 7 days ago...its a drug thats used in small doses for rhumatord (sp???) arthritis, and in large doses for cancer, its a chemo drug...i got 3x the chemo dosage (which is typical for giving it to end a pregnancy)...its kind of scary to take a drug that is this potent and distructive for the body.

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 12:54pm

I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 4:10pm
(((Heather))) I'm very sorry): If I had to take that medication, I would have surely panicked. You are doing a great job working w/this chemo med. I hope you're able to work through your feelings as well & get a bit of rest.
You have many things on your mind as to whether or not to continue having another child. That must be difficult. However, you & dh seem to have thought it all out. That's good to get support from one another. You know you are welcome to post here anytime. We care about you & want the very best for you. GL & GBU! jan