really weird anxiety

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really weird anxiety
Thu, 09-02-2010 - 12:01am

So I wasn't sure where to place to this or how to go about this. I been having anxiety since i moved in with my boyfriend. My anxiety has been about everything. I think I am having a heart attack, (which i went to the ER and got it checked out and they said i was fine) Still i always had a big fear of dyeing since i was little. Now my new one is the world ending in 2012. does anyone else have this fear? Or am i making this worst on myself. I am not trying to get into a being talk on this. I am just afraid of it maybe i am just thinking the worst case of it all. By the way i just started back on med for my anxiety and depression. sorry if this sounds so crazy. I am worried.

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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 4:37pm
Hi & welcome back! I do hope your meds kick in soon & you won't be so afraid. I am sure this is an awful time for you. I am sorry for that):
Have you seen a therapist? I think that is the best way to address the fears & identify what underlying factors may be contributing to what you're thinking. Fear of dying is common. When I panic, that is my first thought. I am having a heart attack & I will die. Through therapy, I learned that I would NOT die from panic. I learned to relax, bring the stress & anxiety level down w/belly breathing, progressive relaxation & repeating positive affirmations. As for the fear of the world's end in 2012, there must be a basis for that. If you have heard this or read it somewhere, I can understand. I have to limit my reading of certain material & watching tv on certain subjects that trigger me. In the past, I worried about catastrophies such as meteors that would wipe out civilization. That is scary & also, a bit off the wall. Noone can live their life worrying about what may or may not happen. It's easy to get caught up in small fears & worries that snowball into bigger & scarier things. That's why it's so important to discuss these fears w/a professional who won't judge you & will guide you into a more positive way of thinking. In the end, it's a control issue for most of us w/anxiety. We fear what we can't control. Noone can control dying. Noone can control the world coming to an end in 2012. The key is learning to live comfortably with all the uncertainties of life. We cannot change a thing. What happens...happens.
I do know that after 40 years of anxiety & panic(most were good years, BTW) worrying was misspent time. In fact, it was a waste of time. I wish I could have all the time back that I lost to this damn anxiety & fear! I hope you will seek help, so you don't lose anymore time. You CAN & WILL learn to live more comfortably w/anxiety. GL & GBU! (((hugs))) jan



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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 9:38pm

Jan is right I think all of us have a fear of dying.Its part of our illness.


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Fri, 09-03-2010 - 9:16am

I just wanted to say that what you typed here really helps me today Jan. It is a control issue for me and a huge fear of death. It's extreme for my right now I question the point of life in general, and have zero motivation to even move. I just started Lexapro, today is the third dose. I was given xanax and told to try to keep it in me round the clock at least for a week or two, but I'm too afraid to take them with lexapro, again, afraid I'm going to die because they might interact with each other. Ughhh It took alllllll I had yesterday to not take myself to the hospital because of all my chest palpitations and pain. I even spoke to my Dr on the phone yesterday, getting to him through the phone police is like a act of God, he reassured me and was sooooo nice. That helped for about 2 hrs. I also have a huge fear of being alone right now too, mostly because I have a 17 month old and I'm afraid I'm going to die and no one will be here with him. I can barely sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, cannot sit down to watch tv, mainly wonder around the house aimlessly. I am trying to be strong but failing in a big way. I hope I get some relief soon because this is like being trapped in hell.


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Fri, 09-03-2010 - 1:50pm

Wickedbutterfly, one thing I've come to understand about anxiety is that is doesn't always seem to make sense, but that doesn't stop your mind from getting stuck there. One pervasive trend in mine, and I think in a lot of others' anxiety, is that the worries often tend to be about things that scare us but are ultimately beyond our control. We don't like uncertainty, and chances are if we could solve a problem, we would. A big piece of coping with anxiety for me has been to begin to accept how much of what happens to me is beyond my control. If there is absolutely nothing I can do about a situation, worrying will do nothing but waste time. That's not to say that I don't get stuck in that obsessive worry loop sometimes, it's just a goal I work towards.

I worry a lot about death and dying too. I'm guessing your fixation on 2012 is probably related to the common anxiety about death. Of course the media hasn't helped as they've hyped all sorts of negative predictions about 2012. Somewhat related, I have a family member who claims to be psychic- when she's right (about 1% of the time), you never hear the end of it; when she's wrong, it is never mentioned again. The whole psychic prediction thing seems to get a lot play, because it does make an impression and get a lot of attention that 1% of the time that someone is accidentally right.

And no, you definitely don't sound crazy, you sound like someone whose mind is stuck in an anxiety loop for some reason. Here's hoping you feel better after a few more days on the medication.

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Wed, 09-08-2010 - 1:33pm
Hi, April & welcome to our caring community! I'm glad to hear that my words were helpful. Please don't be a stranger. We'll be happy to listen. GL & GBU! (((hugs))) jan