Light period/ Large clots/ No cramps???

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Light period/ Large clots/ No cramps???
Mon, 05-24-2010 - 11:30pm
I hope that I am on the correct message board. I'm just curious about my situation because it feels really weird. I was suppose to have my period from May 18 (Tue)- till no later than May 22 (Sat). I am usually exactly 28 days, but I do very between 3-5 days. I have my period but it was 5 days late. Well, I had a single spot on May 22 (Sat), then on May 23 (Sun) start having large blood clots and extremely light period, and today (Mon) I feel a light headed but period is about 50% heavier than yesterday(but I bet between today and yesterday I have not bleed but (maybe) 1/25 of a typical period week). This is a very light period- It's too light for a tampon, but too heavy for a liner. Well I probable could use a liner if I didn't have the blood clots. On May 20 (Thur) I started feeling a little dizzy, tired, blooded, fever, and a mild ache on lower left side of my abdomen (not a cramp). I knew my period was due tue, and figured it was from thinking of it. Today I'm a little dizzy and tired and small fever and sometimes I'll feel like I might throw up, but I feel ok for a period. My back was hurting for a couple hours yesterday, but it went away (unusual for a period to go away before the period) I still haven't had a cramp at all. I have been saying this all week. I feel a little off, but maybe it's from the unusually light period or late period or large blood clots. I'm not on birth control. I don't use any medicine. I took a pregnancy test fri and it was negative. I haven't had sex in about 31 days, so I'm not pregnant. Does this seem normal? It feels weird, but maybe I worry too much. Do you loose more blood from blood clot than a regular flow- maybe that's why I'm tired and dizzy. I don't feel moody, I actually feel pretty calm in general. My biggest complain would be tired and large blood clots. The other stuff isn't bad. Well speaking of tired, I'm headed to bed.