Ughh! I'm beating a dead horse!!

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Ughh! I'm beating a dead horse!!
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:51pm
I have to apologize b/c everytime I post it is usually about the same thing. I have had

two m/c in the past 7 months. The first in Aug. with a D&C, and the second in early Jan. without a D&C. So the Dr. wanted to run some tests as to why I am miscarrying, but I needed to first get my pregnancy hormones back to baseline levels (0-5). So I have been going to the Dr.'s every other week since Jan. having it checked and I still have not reached baseline, its been almost 12 weeks since I was first tested. This week I was 2/10th lower than last week. I want from 22 to 21.8!! Has anyone had ANYTHING similar to this, I desperatly want to be ttc again, and this seems to be taking unusally long. And when I called this time the nurse asked if I could be pregnant?? My numbers are going down, but I have never heard of this taking so long. I apologize for rambling on, but I am just so frustrated.. I want to get some answers. Thanks for listening.
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:56pm

Have you had a new cycle since your m/c? It seems like if you ovulate and AF comes your HCG should have gone down to normal doesn't it? It usually takes awhile for AF to come back after m/c, so I think that's normal. I think its supposed to take up to 12 weeks. You are taking a long time though! I have also heard people say that it takes your body as long as you were pregnant to recover from the pregnancy. How long were you pregnant for?

This sounds really frustrating! I had an HCG of 13 on a Friday, and the following Tuesday it was below 2. So it can go down very fast. Was your D&C a total success? I did have an experience once where my D&C didn't get everything out, and my levels stayed high. In the end I had to have another D&C.

BTW, in the example above where my HCG went from 13 to 2, I was testing because I wanted to take Clomid right away after the m/c. Well, I did take it, but it didn't work because my body hadn't truly recovered from the pregnancy. So I guess it is really important to wait until the levels are down for at least a week.

Sorry I don't have any more info! Good Luck! Let us know what happens,