PAI-1 4G/5G ????

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PAI-1 4G/5G ????
Mon, 06-14-2010 - 8:16pm
Hi All,
Just learned I am heterozygous for the 4G/5G deletetion/insertion allele. Does anyone have experience with this??


Married since Aug.2007 and TTC our first child since Nov. 2008

IUI #1: July 2009-BFN

IUI #2: August 2009-BFN

IVF #1: October 2009-BFP!!
3 eggs retrieved and fertilized with
ICSI. 2 embryos transferred back in on Day 3 resulted in singleton pregnancy. Last embryo not of quality to freeze.
1st beta-10/15/09-85.2
2nd beta-10/17/09-187
Miscarried at 8 weeks-D&C

IVF #2: January/February 2010-BFP!!
5 mature follicles. 6 eggs retrieved 1/29/10. 2 fertilized with ICSI and divided into Grade 2 embryos. Day 3 transfer of both embryos.
1st beta 2/12/10-27.4
2nd beta 2/14/10-35.6
3rd beta 2/16/10-22.0 Bio-chemical pregnancy, early m/c

NATURAL CYCLE #1: March 2010-BFP!!!!
While taking time off from IVF with DHEA supplements & acupuncture. Shocked!
1st beta 3/25/10-81.3
2nd beta 3/27/10-144
3rd beta 3/29/10-264
1st ultrasound 4/7/2010 Single sac-measuring a little small
Miscarried at 6 weeks

-Back to trying naturally for awhile before 3rd IVF sometime this summer.
-High Anticardiolipin and Antiphospholipid levels-being treated with Folbee & baby aspirin and once pregnant Lovenox
-MTHFR 2 copies of A1298C mutation-homocysteine levels are normal

Loving my miracle Evan Robert, born 4/22/2011, following 4 consecutive first tri-mester losses.