Why Can't I accomplish the simplest task

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Why Can't I accomplish the simplest task
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 2:41pm
Hi: This is my first time in a discussion group. I need help getting myself motivated. I am trying to start my own consulting business, but find day after day that I'm not doing anything to make it happen.

I keep telling myself what I need to do, but then find some distraction. I'm feeling pretty helpless at this point. My deepest fear is that I really can't do this. I seem to be making this a self-fulling prophecy.

Now this paralysis is spilling over into all facets of my life, not just my career.

Any suggestions?

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 3:29pm
Welcome to the board Catlady!!!

Starting your own business is NOT the simplest task, and always a risk. the fear of it not working out is probably whats holding you back. "what if"'s are clouding your mind aren't they? This is what's making you feel as if you won't be capable...

If you put your mind to it, and your determined, organized and stick to your goal, you WILL be able to do it. Of course having your business actually be successful is important, but just actually going through with it and getting it off the ground would be a spectactular achievement on it's own that not many people get the chance (or even have the courage) to do!!!

If you know what you have to do, why are you letting other things distract you? Of course it's not going to get anywhere if you do that, so get off your bum and start networking!!! Meet other people and/or business owners, build contacts and get everything together!!

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I hope this helps!!!!