I'm going to be scarse this week

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I'm going to be scarse this week
Tue, 05-27-2003 - 8:54am
But I will at least read the posts. My condo closing is suppose to be this Thursday but (isn't there always a but?), the seller's attorney hasn't sent my attorney the 're-sale package' yet and my attorney wants a few days to read it so if he doesn't get it today we may close next week.

I still have to do things like call the phone compnay, electric company, cable company, etc., and at the same time work. I called the electric or phone company two weeks ago thinking I would get the name switch done early and I was on hold for over 5 minutes. I hung up because I had phones to answer, etc., I'll try to do all of that today.

Over the weekend I ordered a sofa and two chairs. I'm still not sure what look I want for my coffee table, end tables, and the entertainment center. I'm also not sure what kind of dining room table I want. Since it is an L-shaped living room/dining room I feel that the wood and style should be similar and complementary. I don't think I want a dark wood in the dining room and a light wood in th living room. Any suggestions?

So, that's going to be my week. I will read your posts and if I have a few minutes I will reply to a few posts.

I hope the sun is shining where you are today. After 3 days of rain it's finally out but, we're told the rain is coming back. Oh joy!



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