*sniffle sniffle cough*

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*sniffle sniffle cough*
Thu, 05-29-2003 - 11:41am
Yuck, I have been sick for days and I hate it! Yipee, my 3 day weekend was extended to 5 but I was in bed, trying to get some air in my lungs! I am better today, which is good cause I have my golf lesson tonight, weather willing! I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday and despite being sick, made myself go! I am glad I did! I told him I spent too much time in his office focusing on my ex's problems and his hangups. He said he thinks my ex is my only hang up! He was so reassuring, he told me that the only thing I needed to work on was that i kept expecting things from someone who has over and over exhibited behavior inconsistant with what i wanted from him!

So yesterday was a very introspective day! And I realized something...Iam actually a pretty darn cool woman! If I were such a mean, horrible b&$ch then how can I have so many good friends? A lot of the things my ex thought were so wrong about me...they are what make me an adult! He was just too irresponsible to realize that! So, I am going to stop worrying abotu him, I am trying to make my life a more positive experience! I have so many blessings, I have so many opportunities! To not take full advantage one more day because I am dwelling on him is stupid!

Of course, with being sick and just being so busy, I have been slacking a bit with the gym too! I noticed a few people posting about that! So I am getting back on track, I hope you call are too! And do it for yourself, because it makes you feel good, you deserve to feel good ladies!

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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 2:51pm
Well - at first I want to say boo-hoo, I'm so sorry you are sick..... and then as I kept reading - I want to say Yah-hoo for you! Sounds like you are having some real revelations - and heck yeah, you are damn cool!!! It is so easy to fall into a trap of thinking we are sub-par after a breakup. It sounds like you are coming out of the worst part of the after-breakup - YAY! :) hug, hug, hug!!!!!!!

I've been totally slacking in the workout department too - I was going to Curves for a couple of months, and then realized it was causing knee pain. So I haven't worked out in about a week. But - I am going over to the Fitness Center & buying a track pass so I can walk/jog anytime I want - rain or shine.

Get well soon okay??



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Fri, 05-30-2003 - 10:24pm
It sounds like you had a good therapy session. I notice that when I'm sick with a cold I always get introspective. I think because I'm sick my emotions are going on high and jus lying in bed or on the sofa gives me time to think more. I think you hit on some good points. You are probably more mature than your ex and that's where you differed too much to be a successful couple. He probably couldn't relate to you being so responsible. Good for you that you are going on with your life. That's what we all need to do with our troubles, put them in the past and move on with our lives. Of course we all know that's easier said than done (smile).

Regarding exercise, you should take some time off when you are sick. It's not good for you to exert yourself too much when you are sick. When you start feeling better then definitely get back to the gym. It's so very easy to get out of your exercise routine and difficult to get back into that routine.

Keep up the good work and drink some orange juice, feel better,