A very unexpected compliment...

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A very unexpected compliment...
Mon, 06-16-2003 - 11:24am
Hi ladies! I had a great weekend, had such a fun 3 days! But Sat I had a very ego-boosting experience! My confidence is still a bit low after the breakup and all thecrap that ensued. But I went to a party with 2 girlfriends of mine, they would be the only people I would know there, it was work friends of theirs. I decided before I went that I was going to step outside of my box and just talk to people, mingle, all of that. Well, it ended up being a super friendly group of people! I had a blast and talked to complete strangers most of the night. I settled in to talk to some of her work friends (all men) and boy, these men were not shy with the compliments! One guy was describing a friends wife, he said she was like a model, beautiful face and amazing body and he looked at me said "Sort of like you". I had to turn around to see if someone was standing behind me! I wa shocked, so of course my confidence satrted to climb.

Ended up going to the city with my 2 girls and 2 guy friends of theirs. For some reason I get to talking with these guys about what is attractive in the opposite sex. One of the guys tells me I have the one quality that he finds sexiest, confidence! I almost passed out! I laughed and asked what he meant and he told me thoght I had avery powerful image of myself, that I knew I had good qualities and wasn't afraid to share them with people. He told me if he was superficial, he would find me attractive physically but once he talked to me he thought I had this sexy qulaity that well beyond my looks!

Here is the catch...he didn't ask me for my number or anything! Long story of how the rest of thenight progressed but Iam thinking of emailing him and saying it was nice to meet him. He told me earlier in the night he would give me his card and we could play golf together so I was thinking of just sending an email, being casual and ending with if he ever wanted an amusing golf experience, he could call me to play a round. What do you think?

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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 11:37am
I say "why not"??? Sure, email him! If you liked him..... go for it.

He might be so happy that you did - thinking "darn, I forgot to give her my card".

Sure, sometimes guys pay women lip service w/out any intention of wanting to see them again... but sometimes, it means they are interested in you. And you won't know unless you try, right? Good luck - keep us posted, definitely!

Hugs, Julie


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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 12:56pm
How nice! It's amazing to sometimes find out that some people think of us in a totally differet way than how we think of ourselves. Once or twice over the years (okay, more than once or twice) people have payed me compliments that totally surprised me too.

I say, get his e-mail address from your friend and drop him a note. If you both like to golf then it won't hurt to ask him to play sometime. If he likes your confidence then he'll love your asking him to golf or anything else.

Good luck,


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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 9:37pm
Hi Lori.

Isn't it a great experience to find out that people value you for who you are? I wish there were more guys around like this one. The world would be a better place!!!! So go ahead, email him. He'll probably be glad to hear from you. Even if it doesn't turn into a RELATIONSHIP, it might become a warm and nuturing friendship. And who knows, since people tend to gravitate toward people who share their values, he might have lots of friends who are as special as he is.