Saying Hi

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Saying Hi
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 9:16pm
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been lurking, however, b/c I'm pressed for time and did not have a lot of time to write. That kind of sounds like a pitiful excuse, but it is the truth.

I'm still at the same job, working at a bank, but am hoping to find something else. I have grown very bored of the job. I actually dreaded going in today, as I do many other days. I don't think that's a good sign. I do have to admit that today went better and faster than I thought, so that is good. I am trying to stay positive about finding something else, so hopefully eventually that will happen.

Other than work news, things still are kind of tense at home with my sister and my parents, but since I don't live there, I don't have to witness it as much as I did when she was last home. I can't say that it's just my sister causing all this stress at home, I have butted heads with my parents too. I think we are very overly emotional people and sometimes it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, my Mom usually has to deal with it the most. I feel very bad about that. I really would like things to get better for her and would like to see the relationships in my family to improve. I know that takes time and effort and I don't think anyone has really tried.

Something more positive to report is that I got a kitten, about 3 weeks ago. He's a grey and white Tiger named Toby. He's my little buddy, I have really grown attached to him. It's nice to have some company in my new place and a companion who won't bicker with me back and

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well and I will try to post a little more in the future.

All the best,


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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 10:36am
Hey Andrea - so happy to see you :) Congrats on your new little family member Toby. I am just a total animal lover, and they are such great companions. I hope Toby brings you lots of joy.

Stick in there w/work - I know it sucks sometimes. I feel the same as you do. But - we gotta do what we gotta do ;)

have a good one - hugs, Julie