self esteem ups and downs

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self esteem ups and downs
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 3:55pm
hello all. oldies may remember me whine, stress, and vent about law school not happening. i'm done with that, have decided to wait it out and get a paralegal certificate since that field is VERY secure at the moment with lots of openings. So my self esteem got a boost.

However, my self esteem has been shot down b/c my parents NEVER let me drive whenever we go out together. They let my sister drive reasoning that she has more experience than me. Now how am I supposed to get experience if they don't give me the chance? All day today they've been negative and keep saying the what if's like if I get into another accident, can't change lanes and stuff. Why can't they think what if we give her more practice so she can get better? Why do they have to decide what my abilities are? They keep insisting that it's not b/c of my vision (i'm visually impaired) yet their concern is over me changing lanes and stuff and seeing through the mirrors, the key word being seeing. Why can't they let me decide if I can see or not? Why do they always have to keep me at home and let my sister go? Why should I have to feel like an isolated prisoner? Not being able to drive independently is making me feel depressed, lonely, and as if I'm a child rather than an adult. I also feel as if I'm a failure and definitely don't feel normal. How can I change this situation? benita
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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 3:45pm
Hmm, well is there any valid reason for them to be concerned? You don't mention that you've totalled their car before, so, what's up with them???

If you have a valid Drivers License, then I don't see what the problem is.

Ask them what they are so concerned about. If you DID happen to have a little fender bender - you all have insurance right? I mean - maybe you need to calm them down about these worst-case-scenarios that they are probably envisioning.

Maybe you can convince them to take a very short drive w/you - and you can prove yourself. Tell them that you are an adult, and that as their child, their trust means a lot to you. You deserve a chance.

Hope that helps a little!

Hugs, Julie