What does it mean?

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What does it mean?
Thu, 07-17-2003 - 9:09am
Hi all...

I dream all the time and they are usually pretty weird. I had a dream last night that has got me wondering. long :)

Ok...starts out I am riding a bike and I come across a bike trail. So I started riding on the trail and it was paved and a bit curvy. I didn't want to go too far because I didn't know where I would end up. So I turned around and went back the other way to see where it might lead to. The other side of the path started out paved, but then was just a path through a field of tall grass and weeds. Then it turned into a gravel path. I could see familliar things off in the distance. I came to this building along the path and went inside. It was kinda dark in there. There were small rooms with doors that would slide up and down at any given moment so that you could get to the next room. Thing is there were three doors between each room and I had to wait for all three to be raised before I could run through to the next room without being crushed by one of the doors coming back down. I came across one door that said not to go in, but I went over to see where it opened too. The door opened and there was a roof of a builing inside that room and a regular door on the other side which I could see people going in and out of. I thought that I could make it over to the other door, but when I reached in there it was just a big glass window and a false lead to the regular door. So I decided to go back the way I came in because I didn't want to get lost and trapped in this building of doors when I came across this young girl. She had been trapped in this building for a LONG time. I couldn't tell if she was a real girl, or a spirit of a girl who got trapped and died in the building. I was trying to make my way out when I found that I could hold up the falling doors long enough for the next one to slide up for me to get back out. The girl was coming with me. When I got to the last door I held up the door for me to go through, but let go before the girl could come with me. It was a glass door and I could see her on the other side. She was begging for me to let her out, but I left her in there because I couldn't tell if she was a nice girl, or an evil girl that came with that freaky building. I made it out of the building and back on the bike, back on the trail, and found a small neighborhood. In the neighborhood there were police everywhere and a woman stopped me and asked me if I had seen her children that they had been missing for a long time. There were 3 children missing. I told her that I had not seen them, though I was afraid that the girl in the building was one of the children and since it had been a long time that the girl probably was a spirit and I didn't want to tell the mom that her child was dead.

Freaky huh... does anyone have ANY idea what that dream might mean. Usually I know what my dreams mean...but not this one :)



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Thu, 07-17-2003 - 9:27am
Wow! That sure is some dream. I had a weird one the other night but as soon as I opened my eyes I couldn't remember the dream. I hate when that happens.

Okay, first off if you want to check out a dream web site try going to dreaming@swoon.com. Sometimes it can give you insight into the symbolsim of things in the dream.

Well, the doors can represent choices in your life. Which one you choose, which one you avoid . . . The bike could be a journey you are taking or, life's journey in general. The winding path is similar, which path you choose. The path being paved, then gravel, then all the grass could mean something like life can get bumpy, life doesn't go as planned. You turned around on one path which made me wonder if there is something you are avoiding in life or something you have recently rejected or abandoned.

The girl stuck inside the building, could that be a part of you stuck somewhere? it could be hang-ups you have had for years. It could be issues you have avoided or want to avoid. Maybe it's even choices/decisions you need to make but are procrastinating. She could represent something you regret doing or not doing?

I don't know you very well so those are just a few things that popped into my mind as I was reading your post. I hope you at least got a semi-aerobic work-out from all the bike riding and walking in the dream.



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