I feel like such a loser!

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I feel like such a loser!
Sun, 08-03-2003 - 9:12am
I feel like I'm the only single person left in the world, or at least I'm the only one left in my circle of friends. Guys tell me I'm attractive, but my problem is that I'm shy. I can give you a few reasons why I feel the way I do. One, I got together with an old boyfriend after a few years and we went out twice and of course the old feelings came back for me. We kissed and I asked him if he would still like to do stuff with each other and he said that would be okay and that he wouldn't rule out getting back together. So I emailed him after a few weeks and asked him to do something and he told me he wanted to enjoy his alone time. So I wrote him back this long email telling him that I want there to be something there and revealed a lot of my feelings to him and that was 2 months ago and I've had no response. Then there's another guy who I used to date who called me out of the blue after 5 years. We dated again and now we're just friends-friends who haven't seen each other in almost 5 months because everytime I call he tells me he can't do anything. The last time I called was 2 weeks ago and he said that he would give me a call soon and we'd definitely do something soon. That's probably not going to happen. Then just last night I went to a block party and a guy I work with and his girlfriend said they were going to show up and bring 2 single guys for me. They never showed up and I was the only single person there. I just feel like I'm being blown off all the time and I'm tired of it. EVERYONE has someone and why can't I find a decent guy who wants to get to know me?
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Mon, 08-04-2003 - 9:07am
Hmmm, I know how you feel. I ask myself the same question some days. I don't know why some people don't return phone calls or say they want to keep in touch but never do. That's one of my pet peaves. I used to have a male friend who I did things with too. Last year he came to a WNBA game with my friend and I, we had an extra ticket. Afterwards he didn't call or drop an e-mail to say 'thanks' or 'had a good time' etc., nothing. Months later I found out he was getting married. I thought, now why couldn't he tell me he was involved with someone? Just drop me a quick e-mail and say what was happening in his life. I would have understood.

Some people just have no common sense. They don't know how to keep a friendship going. I'm sorry your friends didn't show up at the block party. That was rude and inconsiderate.

All I can say today is know that you are not alone. It happens to all of us. I hope you are feeling better today.



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