Why do so many people ignore me??

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Why do so many people ignore me??
Tue, 08-05-2003 - 7:59am
I feel like crap because whenever I do speak up and add my 2 cents in a group and people hear me they look at me like I'm crazy and hardly ever respond. That makes me feel awful so of course I don't say another word. There's this one guy who can be funny with me one minute and then totally ignore me the rest of the time. We play volleyball together and he can walk right past me and not even acknowledge me and then say hi to everyone else. I introduced 2 new members to the team this year-a co-worker and his girlfriend-and he's all buddy buddy with them after just meeting them but I can't get him to barely talk to me. That's exactly what happened with a guy I've known for years. He was talking to 2 of my friends at volleyball and I walked up to them and he looked at me then looked away, didn't even acknowledge me, and went back to talking. I hadn't seen him in 3 months either. But as soon as the 2 new people on our team came up to us he stopped talking and was quick to introduce himself to them. So how do you think that makes me feel? Someone I've known for years totally ignores me but is all about meeting new people. I said out loud that he wasn't on our team and I think he took offense to that. Well too bad-you made me feel pretty crappy with your actions now I'm sorry if you feel crappy with a few words. Why do people just ignore me? Why do they make me feel so bad about myself?
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Sun, 08-10-2003 - 7:41pm
I know how you feel. At college, people I have talked to and had classes with would look the other way when they saw me. It was/is terrible because those people were the closest I had to friends. A lot of times I would be talking to a group of people and they would credit what I said to someone else. Or I would say something and no one would care but then someone else would agree or say something similar and their comment would be recieved with enthusiasm. One time they were having a scavenger hunt and all the people from the same houses were sitting together. The people from my house did not even realize I lived with them and forgot me about even though I was sitting with them. Things like this would make me so depressed.
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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 11:39am
How about trying not to let him make you feel ANY way ?

Don't give that type of control over to anyone. If someone is going to be rude, unfriendly, or not give you the attention you deserve, maybe you should rethink about even giving them YOUR time.

People who cause you to feel badly - why spend time with them (unless you have no choice, such as at work & stuff).

This guy sounds moody & unpredictable. Your buddy one minute, ignoring you the next. I think he is the one with some issues.... not you hon!

Hugs, Julie