Work's BIG project is over, pretty much

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Work's BIG project is over, pretty much
Thu, 10-23-2003 - 1:48pm
Phew! We finished up the budget books, packed them up and sent them off to our corporate office in NYC. Normally we are here till 1:00 a.m. the night before they are due but I was home by 8:30 last night. The difference this year was we used Kinko's to copy everything. In years past we just used our copiers but since we had a number of sections with color pages our dinky little copier would have kept us here till the sun rose.

Our bosses BIG meeting is in the city on Monday so from now until then there may be some firedrills (i.e. changes to one page here, another page there) but it should be calmer. I should be able to check in more often now and get back to my normal daily routine.

I hope everyone is doing well today.


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Fri, 10-24-2003 - 9:26am
Yipppeeee - congrats on a finished project :)