How do i deal with this person?!

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How do i deal with this person?!
Wed, 10-29-2003 - 1:56pm
Ok, i work with this woman who is driving me crazy! I swear sometimes I really want to hit her. I've probably written about her here before.

Ok, we'll call her "Jo".

Jo is one fo those people who is NEVER happy and has to complain about and find tihngs wrong with EVERYTHING. I swear if she won a free car she'd whine about the color.

All she ever does is whine and complain. She seems to always think she's a victim and the entire world is out to make her life miserable. Whenever anyone is happy about something she can't be happy for them, she has to nit pick and find somethng wrong with it. One of our other coworkers got a new car and she was beaming with excitement. I was so happy for her, because it was a neat little car. (Chevy Cavalier 4 door) Well the first thing "Jo" says is, "Oh I hear those things are crap, they fall apart after a year and....blah blah blah" I'm thinking, god SHUT UP!

You'd think she was the only one in this office who does any work, too. She runs around swearing and stomping her feet, "Jesus Christ, like I don't have enough sh*t to do, i gotta do this and this and this...."

She'll come in my office and just rant in my ear for like 10 minutes. I'm having a great day, but after hearing that, I want to cry. She totally ruins my day!!!

Then we had these lists up around work, to sign up for flu shots. They said they weren't sure how much they would cost, it depended on how many people signed up. They left it rather vague. Well after everyone signed up, they decided since there were so few people the company would pay for it, so it was free to us. When "Jo" found out she threw a fit. She didn't sign up because she assumed we'd have to pay. "If i would have known it was free, I would have signed up." Well no one knew it was free, it was just kind of a nice little surprise. We were fully ready to pay for them. Today was the day of the shots and she's been sulking all damn day. She was told that there wold be some extras, if she got in line right away.

"No, i don't want one now!" Like a freaking 5 year old!

Best yet, she moved over the weekend and rented a truck. She let her friend drive it and her friend hit the cement pole at the gas station and dented the truck. The company told her she'd have to pay for it. She's going to hire a lawyer, she doesn't tihnk she should have to pay the damages. HELLO!! Step off planet moron for a minute.

Everyone around here is so fed up with her constant bitching. I try so hard to ignore her, but she won't stop! Gossip this, bitch that! AAAGGGHGHHH!!!!

Any advice on how to handle someone like this?

Thansk for letting me vent. Sorry it was so long.

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Thu, 10-30-2003 - 9:08am
I feel you pain.

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