Movie Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wednes.

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Movie Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wednes.
Tue, 12-09-2003 - 9:16am

Since I've been so busy these past few weeks (isn't work suppose to slow down near the end of the year) I'm combining a bunch of topics today so that we can hit EVERYTHING!

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Tue, 12-09-2003 - 11:08am
Wow, this is alot to cram into one post. lol.

Movie Monday- I watched Funny Girl all by myself over the weekend. Still one of my favorites. I would give my left arm to ply the part of Fanny one day. My b/f and I watched Citizen Kane too. I've seen it before. I still don't like it. He, of course loved it.

Terrific Tuesday- One of the gus in our shipping department asked me out. He's really cute and I was flattered as all heck. It killed me to have to tell him I have a boyfriend. But it's sure good to be assured I still got it. lol. I had a guy one tell me, "There's two types of hot girls in this world. The kind you want to take home and have sex with the pray they're gone when you wake up. Then there's the kind you want to take home have sex with and make breakfast for the next morning. You're definitely the latter." Oh my god that was probably the best compliment I ever got in my life.

Wednesday wah/wahoo- It's hard to say since it's only Tuesday. I"m guessing it'll be just like any toher day. Wah that I have to be at work.

Hope everyone is having a great week.



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Fri, 12-12-2003 - 8:52pm
sorry about work Ben. let's see

we were stuck inside due to the snow (Jersey) over the weekend.

Monday-got out of jury duty-dismissed early so I got to hop on the RU campus bus and visited my alma mater and saw my former boss at the college center. it was great!

Terrific Tuesday- temp work for the week AND I FINALLY drove on a highway I-287! For once I didn't chicken out and let my dad drive. I found that it wasn't too difficult.

Maybe now I'll get the nerve to drive on it myself on a whim.

Wednesday Wah- I REALLY HATE these one-week temp jobs that I keep getting. grr. Why can't I get anything longer than two weeks?

oh btw, I met Lilly Tomlin in person when I saw her and Helen Haldicott's production of Friendship off-campus my sophomore year of college.