Quarterly Update (long)

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Quarterly Update (long)
Sun, 11-16-2008 - 11:04am

I figure it is time for my quarterly update.

My move in May went okay; I had a panic attack the day before, but other then that everything went fine. Now I’m moving again: five times, in five years. This place will cost me $60 less a month in rent. I won’t be on the edge of town/city, which sucks but I need a cheaper apartment. I have found
blackout curtains for my new apartment, just need to measure the windows. I will be living near the railroad and semi-truck yard.

I went back to my old department at work at the end of October. I realize now why I left, but I need to overtime, so therefore I’m in this department. It’s the only department, besides Collections that has overtime most of the time. Customer service and the catalog center will start around Thanksgiving.

I’m getting my teeth fixed starting February. I will first have an appointment with the orthodontist and oral surgery. Then in March the braces will go on for 6 month, then I surgery on my jaw with the braces on. I might lose my two front teeth, because the root is so short from all the childhood accidents. I’ll be off work for a week after jaw surgery. The braces will be on at least 24 months.

My health isn’t all that great right. My arms and legs are numb most of the time. My low back hurts most of the time. My chiropractor suggests that I go to my family doctor to make sure it’s not something more serious. I see my family doctor on the 18th. I have gained another 20 lbs in the last 5 months, so now I’m over 200.

My problems with insomnia having been getting worse for the last 7 months. There are some nights I only get 3 hours of sleep. I want to do a sleep study sometime next year, after I switch family doctors. I’m switching family to someone my insurance covers.

I plan to get a newer car in either April or May of next year. I want something that is at least a 2000 and cheap, but in good shape. I also want to back to college starting the next quarter (end of Jan/beginning of Feb). I’m going to get my Paralegal Associates Degree. I can make $15000-$20000 more just to start. I talk to the university on the 18th.

In two years, after all of this is taking care of I want to leave Nebraska for somewhere in the continental US that is around 60-80 all year around, no snow or ice. Humidity has to be rather low also. I found the great website,
www.findyourspot.com, which is wonderful. My parents and sister are going to be all upset when I tell them, but this is my life and I have to do what is best for me.

My sister’s wedding went well, minus the normal opps, which every wedding seems to have. My BIL should have his license back in the next month or so, and then he can start trucking again. My sister plans to get her LPN when the winter semester starts.

My friend is having a baby. She is due May 2, which if she goes early the baby could the same birthday date as his/her brother.

My brother is going to graduation high school in May and long as he passes, his English class this semester. He wants to go into construction work. He will work with dad this summer and then take some classes in the fall. He took good senior pictures, which of course I didn’t tell him, his ego is big enough. According to him, he is that best thing that every happen to the family. His gf & he seem to be going good, that broke up in June and were back together in July. My brother went to the movies with his friends and she got mad. From what I found out, he mentions to that they were going to see this action movie and if she wanted to come along, she could. She wanted to see a chick flick and my brother said no we are going to the action movie. Lindsey, bro’s gf, got mad. They just saw a chick flick the week before. I proud of him for sticking up for himself, Lindsey has a way of walk all of him.

I have order 90% of my Christmas gifts. I’m doing online shopping this year, for the most part. They’re being delivered to work, since I’m there most of the time.

If I don’t get here before Thanksgiving, Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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Sun, 11-16-2008 - 10:29pm


It looks like you have a lot of good plans set in place, and that you seem to be doing well. I like it when people stick up for themselves, like your brother did, as well. We have another board member with insomina,

~ Rain