I need a little advice

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I need a little advice
Thu, 12-11-2008 - 1:27pm

Ok so I saw my mom last night, and she let it slip out that my sister thinks I'm fat I had some recent pictures taken over Thanksgiving. My mom also agrees with her on that.

How do I deal with that, my self esteem has always been poor but to be called fat by your family how do I deal with that. I have been hurt by so many people and I will only be 33 in 3 weeks.

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Thu, 12-11-2008 - 6:38pm

I'm sorry, but this just really makes me mad!!

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Fri, 12-12-2008 - 1:03am

If she said that because of how you look, then I agree with n2. It was rude and unkind, plus "fat" isn't very descriptive at all for it's been used for people who are not fat at all, they just are not thin - and not not being thin doesn't make you fat.

However, if she said it because she's worried about you - either wondering why you gained weight, or health - then I would catagorize it as semi-acceptable. Semi because it still was done absolutly horribly, but acceptable because at least they do notice and they do care.

~ Rain