Message Board Mob Mentality

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Message Board Mob Mentality
Tue, 12-16-2008 - 12:35pm

This is my first post here on the message boards! Hello to everyone.

Has anyone else encountered message board bullies?

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Tue, 12-16-2008 - 5:40pm

Welcome helengonne.

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Wed, 12-17-2008 - 11:29am

Thanks for your reply.

I've been on enough message boards to recognize a troll (one individual who attacks others). But I have also been on two message boards where there is a mob mentality---one poster is seen as "whiny" or "obnoxious" or and other more popular members run that poster off the board. It has happened to me, and to a few other people I know. This sorts of online cliques are usually women.

On the board that I was on, I tried to talk to the moderators, but that, too, was seen as "whining" or "tattling." Other posters would be extremely rude, but not quite break the board rules, and I became a target. While on this board, I'd seen this happen with other posters. Any biographical information given is held against you, and then it becomes increasingly harder for other, more neutral posters to defend the one being berated. This board that I recently left---it is run by some pretty young people (in their 20's), who are friends with the women in these cliques. It's very much like junior high. I'm glad to be rid of it, but it's unsettling when so many people spend so much of their energy putting you down. It's like reverse trolling.

Nobody else has come across this kind of behavior?

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Wed, 12-17-2008 - 11:49am

Welcome to the board

I have seen this mob mentality both on some online boards and real life - however I have not seen it on Ivillage. Some boards have a great network of leaders and monitors to help ensure that if there is a mob idea going on it will be cooled. Even on the boards with 'hotter' threads where debates can sometimes get out of hand, usually people here stay within the code of conduct and if not a cl or cm will jump in.

Mob mentality is very dangerous because the responsiblity of doing what is right and fair get's passed off to the next person, who then passes it off as well... There have been several insidences in the news were someone has been killed or severily injuried and no one did anything because everyone thought the others would do it. On boards, or

~ Rain   
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Wed, 12-17-2008 - 1:12pm

That was a really nice response.

Yeah, I'm just not going to go there anymore. I felt like I was losing my mind! It can really make you feel small and pretty crappy when it happens, especially when any moderator not only does nothing about it, but joins in, as they did on that board! That's crazy!

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Wed, 12-17-2008 - 4:03pm

Welcome - it's nice to meet you