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Sat, 03-14-2009 - 6:56pm
Let me start by writing that this is a odd place to put this question, but I am hoping for the opinions of many and would appreciate them.
Let me also say that typically, I don't get entangled in relgious and/or polotical commentary, but I hav a situation that I would like some advice oon.
I am a christian woman. I tend to interact with individuals of all walks of life; and try and find mutual commonality when conversing.
I also pray often to ask God for his forgiveness and protection.
For the longest, I've been drawn to the esoteric arts. The esoteric arts that range from reading your daily horroscope, learning about chinese astrology, numerology dinivination and ending there.
I don't intend to convert from christianity to paganism, but I do consider some aspects of the occult to be, well, fun and interesting.
Now do I believe? I do feel that a select few are given special gifts; but I am skeptical too because it isn't a learned ability, in my opinion.
How do you feel? (about my interest in this stuff)
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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 7:47pm

If you believe in Christianity, then you believe that God created everything. With that I think it's perfectly fine under that belief to also believe in stars, or traits having patterns and those patterns possibly meaning something. It is interesting to see how the randomness of life has meaning, and how some things can end up true. Under the Christian faith thought, it would be these things have meanings, and these patterns emerage because either God created them that way, or God made it happen in that way. Now under the christian faith once again, I think it is fine as long as you do not hold up these horoscopes and such to be the Word Of God (meaning to be on the same level as the Bible), but maybe as 'signs', if you wish to believe in them.

Now, this is just my own opinion based on what I know about these two ideas. Hopefully this helps you. :-)

~ Rain
~ Rain