If you were drop dead gorgeous...

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If you were drop dead gorgeous...
Tue, 05-26-2009 - 8:45am
Would it make a difference in how you feel about yourself? Do you think you'd be treated differently by others than what you are now?

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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 9:46pm

No. I would still have my not so great days.


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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 7:45pm
This may sound as though I have a very inflated ego, but I was drop dead gorgeous at one point in my life. I attracted men wherever I went -
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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 7:17pm
I hate to say it, but yes, I would feel different about myself and others would treat me differently. 10 years ago I was a lot thinner and received a lot of attention from men. They did tell me that I was beautiful and it did make me feel good about myself. Now that I am a lot heavier I hardly ever get attention from men and I feel horrible about myself.
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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 9:43am

looks aren't everything. if someone is going to treat me differently based on how i look, then who needs

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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 12:26am

Whaddaya mean 'if' ;)

I'm sure I'd feel different and be treated differently.

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 9:28pm
Since the only person who has ever told me that I was pretty was DH (and I was almost 40 when we married), I can't say for certain how I would feel about myself if I was drop dead gorgeous. I know that I would've gotten a lot more attention, would've had a first date before I was 25, had been popular, etc., instead of growing up as a loner, keeping my emotions hidden deep within my shell. On the other hand, I am very uncomfortable when I am the center of attention.... So I really can't say for sure.
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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 5:03pm
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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 1:07pm

Oh, I'm SURE I would be treated differently. Given the tendency toward assuming beautiful = dumb, I'm sure whatever I had to say would be taken less seriously!

AS for how I feel about myself, I'm not sure that I would feel better about myself. It all depends, I think, on whether I was born that way r was "made" that way after my self image has already been formed... If the latter, I suspect it wouldn't help at al!

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 9:17am

Would it make a difference in how you feel about yourself?
~ No, I don't think so.

Do you think you'd be treated differently by others than what you are now?
~ I'd most probably get more attention, which right now is something that I don't want. These extra kilos are security kilos. Yep, I am hiding behind my weight. It's a big issue with me at this time.