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Hi! New Here
Fri, 07-03-2009 - 3:21pm


I'm new here! I am 32 years old and have just lost over 30 lbs. I have a dietitian (long story... I have an Eating Disorder. Used to have severe Anorexia Nervosa, now since my weight is normal, it's considered ED-NOS with Anorexic tendencies). I weigh 138.5 lbs. and am 5'4" and my dietitian wants me to maintain at about 135 lbs. You would think I would be happy to be at a "normal" weight. I am not happy. My self esteem is terrible. I believe that everyone in the world is beautiful except for myself. I have thought this for as long as I can remember.

It's gotten worse since I lost my job six months ago. No one seems to be hiring, or they're hiring for sales positions, and I have anxiety problems, so I can't do sales. Grr. I can't do a lot of things it seems. I have so many problems, it's crappy. And people seem to like to tell me how ugly I am. Do they think it's fun?


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Welcome willlose60.