Unhappy with Life

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Unhappy with Life
Thu, 07-30-2009 - 12:05pm

Good Morning all,

I have come to a point in my life we're im finding myself. I'm 25 have a job, and a place to live, I try to do things I enjoy and be around positive people. I'm taking my salsa class because I enjoy dancing, join a gym, go out sometimes with friends to lounges. But most of all I feel low confidence when i meet guys , I can't find my "Mr. Right" yet. at times i feel empty because i want a bf and a partner that i truly care about. I shouldnt feel this way because i should he happy with myself being alone. I just feel at times i get bored. Even at work i do my job well and feel annoyed when im bored. Sometimes coworkers bother me and im not afraid to be upfront. i dont like to be labelled a pushover from friends or coworkers. I am confident with myself and my looks, but feel at times i somehow give off a vibe to guys because i seem to be attracting the wrong ones and in time over and over it does frustrate me. It would help if i begin to meet certain guys at other places instead of lounges/bars. but what else is there to do during the weekend? At times i just feel desperate and expect too much from guys in the beginning, and i shouldn't be that type of girl.

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 11:11am

Perhaps an option for you would be to step outside the comfort of your world and into another.

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Thu, 08-13-2009 - 2:24am

You can change your life that way you want to. We are the ruler of our life. It's only us who knows our real selves. Regarding with your self-esteem, you can get some tips from reading some self-help e-book. You can check the "Fabulous Self-Esteem" by Amy Twain that you can download in www.fabulousselfesteem.com. This is the one that has helped me in dealing with my self as well as to other people. Sometimes it's us who are the severe critic of ourselves not other people. OUr self-talk has an effect on us. It causes us to have low self-esteem and our bad experiences from other people also adds up to the hurt we feel.

You can also read the "Flab and Fat Away" e-book by Rose Windale which tackles about being healthy while slimming down. It's like eating the way you do without having the fat. It won't teach you on how to starve yourself to lose weight but by eating healthy naturally without side effects