negative body image

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negative body image
Wed, 11-18-2009 - 11:46am

I'm 28 yo and for as long as I can remember I've had low self esteem. I'm not sure when it started or why but it's always been like that. I don't like the way I look and that makes me hate everything else. I look at myself and think I'm ugly and fat which then makes me feel that I'm stupid and can't do anything. I'm starting to realize no matter how much I change the outside the feelings are still the same. I want to try a different approach. I want to work on the inside and hopefully the I'll feel better about the outside.

Also I was wondering if anyone sees a therapist for their self esteem issues?

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 12:28pm

Working on the inside seems like the best plan of all in my opinion. I think no matter how beautiful, intelligent or worthwhile someone might be, if they don't feel it they aren't going to be able to apply it. I saw some interesting articles today after reading your message earlier and just had to come back and share: I think you may find some really uplifting stories, information and advice there. :)


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Thu, 11-19-2009 - 11:57pm

You are not alone!

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Fri, 11-20-2009 - 8:51am
hey, littledaisies, welcome to the board. i went to therapy a few years ago for self-image issues and i learned that things don't work from the outside in, but from the inside out (like karla said). there's not much anybody can do about how they look, but they can change how they think and feel. and it's really easy to let negative perceptions fester and take over your whole sense of well-being. it's like cancer. maybe you can start a journal in which you note your perceptions of yourself, and then when you are ready you can ask yourself if these perceptions are accurate; if not, where do they come from? (that's probably what a therapist would ask you, anyway). try to get to the basis of why you see yourself the way you do. eventually you will be able to recognize and stop the negative thoughts before they can take over (you'll see the pattern). i know it seems like a lot of work but i think it will help you, and it's a lot cheaper than going to therapy :)