**Body Image Expert Available**

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**Body Image Expert Available**
Thu, 05-06-2010 - 11:43am

Hi Everyone, if you're having issues with body image don't forget we have an expert available on the Walk On Rock On Community Challenge board available next week to help you and answer questions you may have.

Our Allstar Expert Lineup for the week is looking like this so please do take advantage of this:

Monday: Madelyn Fernstrom – weight loss/ nutrition/ practical healthy eating tips
Tuesday: Jeanette Jenkins – fitness and nutrition/ also what the celebrities do to stay fit
Wednesday: Amy Hendel – lifestyle coaching/ how to find motivation/ find more time to work out and eat right/ being at your best
Thursday: Leslie Goldman – body image/ being happy at your current weight/ simple tricks to feel good about yourself
Friday: Leslie Sansone!

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