Sad because I can't see. . .m

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Sad because I can't see. . .m
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 12:10am
my counselor until about April 7. I was supposed to see her tonight but she wasn't feeling well, and is going out of town till the 7. I was really looking forward to meeting with her. It's been kind of a rough week.

I'm sure I'll be journaling and posting a lot!

I'm not sure what's going on with my healing; I'm not really feeling anything right now. Maybe it's because I've had so much anxiety over the war and that's overshadowed everything else. Also my husband's company is downsizing and 1/3 of his department got let go (thankfully he wasn't one of them) the same day the war started.

Can anyone recommend a book other than The Courage to Heal? I looked at it at the bookstore yesterday and felt very uncomfortable with it. I don't want to read anything that makes reference to lesbianism. I know that may be offensive to some here for me to say that, but it doesn't fit in with my personal values or life choices.

Thanks for listening. Appreciate any suggestions.

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:35am
Secret Survivors is another book you might try, but to be honest, I don't remember if there are references to homosexuality in there or not. That doesn't bother me at all, so it just doesn't stick out in my memory.

Also--about your T. being away, do you have a crisis line in your area? It might be a good idea to have that phone number handy in case you need someone to talk to in the meantime.

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 8:03am
Those long times in between sessions are really difficult. Each time I am faced with one, I worry even more. The thing is...the time usually goes more quickly than I could have imagined! I'm glad you are going to try and journal often. Remember--we're here, too! We can at least listen! :)

I don't have a suggestion for another book. I wish I did for you. I know what you mean about the healing, too. I find that my "healing" is often taking a back seat over the day-to-day struggles of anxieties, depression, and the like. I guess in a way, though, I am dealing with the effects of the SA. I am learning (not always practicing) better ways to cope with those day-to-day struggles. My former coping mechanisms were a product, at least in part, of the SA. So, maybe it all intertwines. I don't know if that makes sense--my whole sleeping pattern is thrown off. :)

Take care--post anytime you need to! If you need to IM me, I'm jelake4 (on AOL). Take care, Stacy

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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 2:49am
I'm sorry that you feel so empty right now. I think

that since the war started, everything else has been put on

hold. but you should never allow your inner self to have

to wait till you feel that you deserve to pay attention to

it. Through tough times, you have to strengthen yourself,

and you and your husband have to strengthen each other.

"rough weeks" will make up the rest of your life, and i

think that you've been handling this all really well, from

what I've heard. Just take a little break and pay attention to


There isn't much about sexual abuse in there, But I

recommend anything by Sark. She really picks me up out

of my many slumps. then again, I don't know if it would

be your style, but it doesn't hurt to try!