Hi, I'm new here....

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Hi, I'm new here....
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:16am
Hi everyone,

My name is Amy--I'm 35 and have been married for almost eight years, and have two boys. I've been working on abuse issues on and off for a good seven years now. I've been in therapy, support groups in person and online. My abuser was my father, and he passed away three years ago. We hadn't spoken in four years. I did confront him, and my family. My aunts (his sisters) stood by me but my brothers sided with him. I haven't spoken to my mother or brothers in almost two years. I have no contact with them. She's very controlling, and not healthy to be around. I'm an RN and sometimes my job gets very stressful. My dh has dealt with a lot since I have triggers and still have anger outbursts. I've been on Paxil, finally weaned myself off and just went off Zoloft. I'm tired of all the side affects from the meds. I'm glad to be here and share my experiences.


Amy -

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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:48am
Welcome, Amy. It's nice to have you here. I'm looking forward to having you with us.


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 12:25pm
Hi, Amy--

Our SA issues differ since mine was not a family member (unless I'm doing a REALLY good job of repressing), but I also have a very toxic mother. I first entered therapy because of issues with her. If you would like to chat about this thru email feel free to drop me a line at queenheidi@attbi.com. Email me from your email though instead of from here; I have a lot of trouble managing Outlook Express and won't get your message otherwise.

I have found some helps in managing this kind of relationship, and it's always good to talk to others who deal with the same type of thing.

Looking forward to getting to know you better!


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 1:54pm
Welcome & A Question--

I'm glad you're here! I was wondering which side effects you had on paxil. I just got a presrciption for it, which I will take only during PMS week. Just wondering! Thanks & welcome!

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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 4:30pm
Hi, Amy. Welcome to the board. Hopefully here you'll find support and help through the trials that you're having right now. It's nice to meet people here to whom we can relate. Hope to hear from you soon! (I was on zoloft, too, for a while, btw. It made me throw up a lot, though.)