Forced disclosure

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Forced disclosure
Tue, 05-06-2003 - 10:41pm
I recently had a job interview and kind of had to disclose my SA history. My interviewer asked about a particular semester in college (when I remembered my SA and was really struggling with it) and asked why my grades were so bad that semester. I told him I was having some personal issues and wasn't dealing well at the time, but since then that I had gotten counseling. He asked me exactly what were these personal issues? The job was for a family therapy position (I'm a psychotherapist), so I guess I felt in some way he had a right to know. I disclosed to him. He gawked at me and then said "Do you have PTSD?" in a very insensitive "you're an exotic specimen" kind of way. I said no, but that I was in therapy for awhile. He asked me if I disclosed this to clients, which I OF COURSE, never ever do. I said no. Then he asked me if I'm still in contact with my mother (my abuser). I didn't want to answer any more of his invasive questions, so I changed the subject.

My question is: Have any of you ever been forced to disclose and how did you react or what did you do?


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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 2:37am
Hi, Sara--

I haven't been in a position such as the one you describe, so I can't offer advice, but I did want to welcome you here.

I would be very offended at being treated the way you were in this interview. I also would not want to work for someone who reacted the way he did to what you told him. As a family counselor I would think that he would respect the fact that you have worked through and overcome this. In my mind that would be a huge plus in making you a good counselor.

I'm sorry you went through this. I think the way you were treated was rotten, and I would think that it would be a form of discrimination if this were a reason you weren't hired? My opinion--I'm sure you'll get more expert responses here. This is great group!


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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 2:45pm
I can't believe this interviewer was so insensitive. I would think that the questions he asked might have even been illegal. Are potential employers allowed to ask about illnesses? (Mental or otherwise?) I don't think so. It's possible he was just interested as a human being, but if you don't get the job, I might think about filing a complaint with the department of labor. I hope that you don't feel too violated. His questions were rude, insensitive, and hurtful. (((hugs)))