Haven't been around lately...(m)

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Haven't been around lately...(m)
Sun, 05-18-2003 - 7:29pm
Hi all,

I haven't been around at all lately. I hope that things are well with all of you (all things considered, of cousre). Things here are okay. I'm on new meds for sleep b/c the previous ones made me gain weight--ugh. School is almost over and I can say that I will have made it through another school year without falling apart! Woo hoo! My dad (also my abuser) and stepmother are going through a divorce. It's not final yet and has been causing added stress, obviously. My youngest sister is 17 1/2 years old and now my dad wants to fight for custody. ? She'll be 18 in October. He's also countersuing my stepmother for divorce on the grounds of mental anguish--the same man who has abused his fatherhood with at least one, if not two, daughters. Ridiculous. So, that's about where I am at. I'm trying to keep myself separated emotionally from their situation, but it's hard b/c my youngest sister is turning to me for support and I DO want to be there for her. It's just another double-edged sword in life.

I'll never get through all the posts, so let me know how you are all doing! Take care, stacy

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 2:27am
Hi Stacy!

Wow, you're definitely dealing with some tough stuff right now. I completely understand the need to stay emotionally distant; I've had to set those types of boundaries with my mother (abusive but not my SA abuser). I can understand why it's stressful--obviously you want to be there for your sister and I'm sure you don't want your dad getting custody of her! With her being as old as she is, would the courts let her decide who has custody? How does your mom fit into the picture?

I was also wondering if you think that your dad has abused your sister. That would make it even scarier if he had custody over her!

Good luck on the rest of the school year! I know what a relief it is just to have it over with! I'm glad that you are "patting yourself on the back" for keeping it together!

What kind of sleep meds are you on? My husband takes Trazadone and it works really well for him--no weight gain or other side effects at all.

Take care--hope to hear from you again soon, and my positive thoughts and prayers to you for dealing with this latest situation with your father.

{{{gentle hugs}}}



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