Danielle, looks like we're on board at s

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Danielle, looks like we're on board at s
Tue, 08-19-2003 - 1:05am
same time time! I just posted QOTW and saw that you had just responded to two threads! Hi! *waves frantically* I can almost see you! LOL

How are you doing lately? I don't know if you saw but I responded to your earlier post about how rough things were after your parents' visit. I've been thinking about you.

Hope all is well. Love, Heidi


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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 1:17am
Lol, why yes we are!*WAVE* I haven't actually made it to my post yet, i check to see everyone else's first. I had a therepy appointment today so things are back on track. my folks visit had set me back a couple but we'll see how things go. Smoothing out somewhat but apparently my therepist is VERY worried she says. thinks i really need to see mental health, greeeat. there's a boost in self esteem.

Apparently i was on auto self-sabatoge while my parents were here though *eek* i left booklets around the house and i guess in case they didn't catch all that i gave my Grandma a book which had some explicit notes in the margin. My brain is swiss cheese lately. Last night after i got a strange call from her it dawned on me "oh Lord i wrote in the book!!!!" If that is the case at least i know now she didn't have a heart attack like i feared if she ever found out. Good in the long run i guess but oh boy i really did not conciously do that! Anyways, the empty detachment has turned into manic good mood for now so we'll work with it while i got it *wink*. Ah George is requesting my presence. Tkae care and have a ggod night hun. Safe days,