4 mo. old, an possible SA..need to Vent.

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4 mo. old, an possible SA..need to Vent.
Sat, 01-31-2009 - 2:03pm

I am new here, not to Ivillage, but to this forum.
I am needing to Vent and to have some out put on this very hard situation.
A little background info.-My daughter is 4 months old. I also have a 20 month old son as well.

Here is what happened.
We were at my husbands grandparents house (so my daughter great grandparents) an I was sitting at the table making bows, and my husband was at the table on his lap top. Usually we see grandma, and grandpas as a little break from the kids eventhough we are physically still with them. So most of the time a family member is interacting with one of the children-either playing with them or feeding them, and even changing there diapers.

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Sat, 01-31-2009 - 4:07pm
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Sat, 01-31-2009 - 6:22pm

It's really hard to say whether anything happened or not as only you and your husband were there, but what I will say is his family are definitely overreacting as if it was true, it's much easier for them to blame you than face one of their family is disturbed. They have taken it personally and as you are not blood related and the uncle is, they think it reflects badly on them.

Most families react this way when confronted with this type of abuse, it's easier to call the victim a liar than to face they are related or married a monster that is capable of such terrible things.

I don't really know if therapy is necessary for this incident but as you mentioned something about your past, the incident with the uncle may have triggered something off for you that needs looking at and healing.

Hope things get sorted, I am sure the family will come round but just know that by protecting your child at all costs shows what a great mom you are, unfortunately many of us here are not blessed in that way and realize that if our mom's had protected us, we wouldn't be facing so many issues in adulthood.

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