Is it bad to have 2 T's

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Is it bad to have 2 T's
Sun, 03-22-2009 - 7:09pm

I had a really hard time at first finding a T. I called about 20 counselors and either they were not taking anymore patients or never returned my call.

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Mon, 03-23-2009 - 4:02pm
IMHO it is not a good idea to have two personal Ts.



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Sun, 03-22-2009 - 10:18pm

Yes it is very bad idea, it's too confusing they are just people with differing opinions. I would go with one with experience of SA.

It would be too heavy and overwhelming not good pratice or safe for you.

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Sun, 03-22-2009 - 7:23pm

You, yourself, should only have one therapist. Now if you and your husband together see another for marriage issues, that's okay, but tell the other one (the one you see alone) and make sure she is aware that you and your husband are seeing someone together.

If your plan is, for now, to see both alone, that's not a good thing. It may feel good, but it's not in your best interests. You need to choose one. Imagine someone is there forcing you to go to just one. What does your gut feeling say about who to choose? Start with that one. If a few weeks or months down the road that one doesn't feel right, go back to the other one (let that one know now what is happening).

Also, look at their credentials. Is the church counselor trained as a therapist or simply a pastor who's good to talk to about general life issues and spirituality? If that's the case (and I'm not suggesting it is, merely asking a question), then the one trained in SA and who truly is a licensed mental health professional is probably your best bet.