Went On Date...Didn't Go Well :(

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Went On Date...Didn't Go Well :(
Sat, 03-28-2009 - 11:57am

And my uncomfortable feelings were right in the end.

Met up with a guy had been out with once before today, he was a lot slimmer and less handsome than I remembered and he was wearing shabby clothes.

I had made a real effort with how I looked. We then went to an art gallery and he spent ages and ages looking over really boring pictures.

He talked a lot about himself and his work as a journalist, he didn't really ask me about me much and when I did talk he didn't appear to be listening.

Then we went for lunch and walking there he was way in front of me, he didn't open the door.

We had lunch and I felt he had nothing really about his personality that did much for me, and of course not listening to me was getting wearing after a while.

Then the bill came, I paid half.

Then I said what did you think when I asked you out, he said that he wasn't surprised as he would do the same if it was him, I then said is he arrogant and he smiled.

I then asked if he was a gentleman and he say 'no way' I said I noticed he walked in front of me and didn't hold the door open.

Then came the final straw his reply was 'you have got arms haven't you?'

So that was my limit, date over goodbye, don't want to see you again mate you bigheaded idiot.

Maybe when I was younger I would have put up with that but now I just thought I am better than this, I am not going out with someone who doesn't treat me with respect, he seems quite immature.

It seemed a bit of a shame as we did have a lot to talk about and had a couple of things in common, but even so he would only ever be a friend and what kind of friend is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

He wants to meet again but I do not want to see him.

Instead of coming home and thinking lucky escape, I have begun my old beating myself up by saying 'ooh I attracted an arrogant guy again, they are all I seem to be attracted to'. But it's not my fault, I had the guts to ask him out and that is a good thing, a more confident me.

I am feeling a bit disheartened now, I feel like after last night with another male friend telling me a few home truths and this idiot today, I am really not sure I want or even need a guy in my life.

Today I feel drained after being around my 'friend' on Friday night and the guy today, neither has succeeded in making me feel good about myself (not that it's their job but I certainly have come away feeling negative)

Anyway, I have a school reunion on tonight which I am apprehensive about, just have to see how it goes.

This is the first time in my life I haven't felt I need a man, so progress is being made.

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Sat, 03-28-2009 - 5:12pm
What a jerk!!!



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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 11:26am

Hi Brenda

Yes you are so right, he was such an idiot, he did text me and say he enjoyed it and I replied saying I was looking for more of a gentleman.

Anyway, I feel the reunion went well, was very strange as someone who I was best friends with for years and years was there and she kind of bullied me too, but when I saw her she was so happy too see me asking me how was etc.

If I do see her again I will point out what a bitch she was to me, but it seemed inappropriate to say anything.

We have mutual friends, but part of me was happy to see her and remember all the good times, it's like I had only remembered the bad times.

I did feel a bit left out at some points but all in all a great night, I had taken another friend who was nothing to do with school.

The old school pal (as we have mutual friends) asked if we could go on girls night out) which in some ways is great and I would love to as I have been wanting to make friends and have more social life but the other side is weary.

Also someone else I have known for years I am really feeling fed-up of our so called 'friendship' and in some ways I feel she has all the control of it, she calls the shots etc and I am fed up of feeling left out of her and another girl from school who she kind of came in a swiped away from me.

Still old hurts I guess, still figuring out who is good for me and who is not and finding my feet.

I almost want to tell the old friend how she makes me feel but feel I will sound silly and push her away when she already at a distance of her own deciding I think.

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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 11:31am
Check this out, how in love with himself is he...
I said I was looking for a gentleman, and her replies 'I always thought I had good manners, so I am coming to your on Tuesday night?' How arrogant, lucky escape!
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