court today

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court today
Wed, 04-15-2009 - 7:13am

Today is the day ladies. My idiot brother has court this morning for his failure to appear misdemeaner. Slim chance that he won't get off but that is ok. What we are hoping for is that the next county over has enough of a case built for him molesting his girls to arrest him as he walks out of the courtroom.
That court is at 8:30 this morning in Porter county.

At 1:30 in Laporte County my foks have court to gain custody of Mikes girls. The girls biomom is contesting it. Mike gets to have a say though so we are praying it all works out the way we want. If my folks don't get custody they will most likely continue the case until midsummer. Not what we want. The girls are with the stepmother, who is ticking my father off. She is not following very sound advice on the matter. My father has the power to have charges pressed for kidnapping (she moved the girls without telling anyone even though we found out their new address) and for theft or something. When she moved she pitched what appears to be all of Mikes things. Including some stuff my father wants back like his shotgun, his zippo collection and Mikes tools. The stepmom has been notified via certified mail of todays hearing. Hoping she shows, the lawyer will be presenting her with a detailed list of what of Mikes is to be handed over.

The sheriff or prosecutor over this case has advised the stepmom to withold medical or psychological help for the girls. Claims it may cause them to recant their story. They have also advised she cut all contact with our family for the same reason. I disagree. I personally would rather see Mike walk on this and his girls get help than for him to get locked up at their expense. They have been through enough. I want them to have some sort of chance to come through this. I just gave my father a list of names for sexual abuse and family sexual abuse counselors that dd brought home. My dad said as soon as he gets custody he is setting them up an appointment. Please pray for good outcomes today.

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Wed, 04-15-2009 - 12:21pm
My thoughts are with you today.