Really frustrated...possible triggers

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Really frustrated...possible triggers
Thu, 05-07-2009 - 9:19pm


I've been with my t for over 3 years now.

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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 10:43am

Hey Peg, nice to see you. Wow, do I relate to what you said about keeping yourself from getting too close to your kids for fear of losing them. Man, I'm sooooo there with you. I remember a time about 15 years ago when a little boy in my ODD's second grade

**gentle hugs**

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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 4:32pm

Thanks Gail, I'm really glad that at least someone understands what I'm going through.

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Sun, 05-10-2009 - 1:13pm

Hiya Peg, hope your having a good day.

I totally relate to your post, I have the same problems as you, I have been in 'angry' stage for as long as I can remember.

I have totally distanced myself from family as they just never acknowledge my pain or problems, it feels so insulting and unfair.

I hope you find a way through and keep taking with your counsellor, taking care of that inner child will help her to grow, but she has every reason to feel upset and angry.

Fluppet xx

Fluppet x
Fluppet x  x
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Sun, 05-10-2009 - 1:35pm

Hi Fluppet,

My day is going ok.

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Mon, 05-11-2009 - 4:26pm