EVERYTHING is hard...

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EVERYTHING is hard...
Mon, 05-25-2009 - 7:02pm


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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 11:01am

Hey Shannon,

It sounds to me as though you actually have two questions here. The first, do you have it in you to pursue pressing charges and the second being - do you have it in you NOT to?

I'm thinking of you!

**gentle hugs**

**gentle hugs**

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 11:33am



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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 9:39am

Dear Shannon....I'm sorry I haven't called and that we haven't been able to get together. My neck is getting worse and I'm just barely holding my own until next Wednesday.

I know you just started with your "new" Rose and perhaps with some time with her under your belt, you'll know what to do. I know for me that if my parents were alive when I remembered I wouldn't have prosecuted them. I wanted to kill them for what they did but I also know they went through the same hell.

But in your case, this guy is a threat to society. He re-married...are there any girls in the family? Has he molested them? Has he threatened his wife or abused her? Might you be saving someone else?

There are up sides and down sides to prosecution. But there are experts on sexual abuse who can easily explain your behavior at the time. And thanks to Oprah and Dr. Phil and all the other talk shows, most people now know about abuse. You were a kid and he was a murdering madman. Anything you did is understandable.

Once you've had some time to talk with Rose it might be good to go talk to the local prosecutor. They don't have to re-open the case but talk to him/her and ask just how hard it would be and how tough it would be on you.

But I do know one thing. If you decide to do this, Leo will be with you every step of the way and I will be too. Unless I'm too sick or in surgery I promise you I'll be in the courtroom whenever you want me there. And if I can get you to meet Ilene of the HEAL group(and get you to the HEAL meeting in Middletown)I know some of those folks will be there too.

There are many people out there who understand and will support you no matter which way you decide to go. Re-opening this wound is a decision I would not want to have to make. Get Leo to the kidney doc and get that stress out of the way. Talk to Rose and get to feel supported by her. Talk to the attorney and see if they are as supportive as I think they'll be. And remember that no matter what you decide, everyone here will still love you.

gentle hugs and love to you and Leo..........Jenny

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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 4:05pm


There is too much going on with me right now but I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.




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I am praying for you. I believe in your heart you know what you need to do. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you right now. I believe there are monsters in this world that need to be stopped and it can only be done by brave people.


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Thu, 05-28-2009 - 1:46am

thank you ((((((((((((((((sweet ladies)))))))))))))))))

i am still grapling with all of this.