What are you grateful for today?

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What are you grateful for today?
Tue, 05-26-2009 - 5:19pm

*we received some much-needed rain here today

*the people on this board who are always here to support each other

*we finished planting flowers and putting in a small garden this weekend

*my husband has a job

*summer vacation is almost here and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my son

*my cat makes me laugh

*diet pepsi!

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 10:06pm

Great idea Allie! I'm grateful for:

  • my friend who allowed me to work with him,
  • my kids who all seem to be headed in the right direction,
  • my friends who love to laugh with me,
  • my parents and their wonderful generosity,
  • and I wouldn't have said this yesterday, or even this morning for that matter, but I'm grateful for AA.
**gentle hugs**

**gentle hugs**

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 11:52pm

that the Lord gave me one more day with the Love Of My Life...

that the Lord keeps our nephews and my niece safe from harm and abuse...

that I look in Ahna's innocent eyes and see just that... pure innocence...

that though it took my heart... somehow perhaps the Lord had a grande plan for giving my Mother peace, which is really what I wanted, for her not to be hurt anylonger... she is at peace...

that I have "met" so many kind tender caring people on this board...

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Wed, 05-27-2009 - 4:35pm

Great idea Allie





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Thu, 05-28-2009 - 11:47am

What a great idea!