Not sure how to pursue this

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Not sure how to pursue this
Sun, 05-23-2010 - 2:05am
I have been in counseling off and on over the years due to being SA several different times.
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Tue, 05-25-2010 - 6:31pm
I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice but I wanted to let you know that your post has been read and you have been heard.



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Wed, 05-26-2010 - 6:05am

Hi there,

You wrote, "I sometimes also feel like due to the age I was when this particular abuse happened, and I didn't say anything it was in some way my fault, I know it sounds weird but that is how I feel." Oh girl, I think most of us on the board have felt this way. I know it took me years of therapy before I untangled those feelings so please understand you're not alone here.

I confess, I'm stumped on this one, too. I guess I don't know what you're trying to "pursue'. Healingjourney may have other thoughts but IMO a therapist with any sort of training in childhood sexual abuse would know how to proceed. I'm curious, what were you trying to find in your journaling? Could you sort of share a little more about what your counselor and you are trying to accomplish/pursue?


**gentle hugs**

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Fri, 05-28-2010 - 3:06pm

You started out