Money & Stress and Waiting for SSD

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Money & Stress and Waiting for SSD
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 2:19am
Hi: I will make this one short.

I have posted this message

several times tonight.

However,with the new boards,

it keeps getting lost.

Here goes:I am so stressed

out about money!I am waiting

for social security to kick in.

My state disability is ending at

the end of the month. And, I will

have no income.I would like to see a

board that has a big support group

about our health,money and how to

support each other.Maybe we can all

offer each other ideas that others do

not know of.Secrets.Like;I do not

want my house to go into foreclosure

because my SSD is not approved yet.

And, this is what is going to happen,

if I do not do something.So,what is one

to do?Write my congressman?Maybe.Any other

ideas?I am willing to host and keep up a new board

in relationship to this.I am desperate and scared.

Just to be clear,I have been searching all month

for answers.And,everyone is so busy, and focused

on one thing.I think that we need a board

for mentally ill people to help support

us in getting what help we need when it

comes to money.I now know why,there are

so many homeless people out there.They

are not working; maybe because, if they

do, they will never get social security.

Just my thoughts.I do hope that this does get through.

Thanks for letting me vent.I am going to try

to exercise now.No,I am going to exercise now for

30 minutes.Wow,what a way to introduce myself.I am

so,so stressed.Hugs,and Peace,Sheri
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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 7:42pm


The Social Security Disability Coalition has been created because we are concerned about what transpires from the first point of contact, the filing for benefits, and the final outcome or status. We are a group of social services representatives and disabled individuals, who are deeply concerned about the way fragile populations in this country are suffering under the SSDI application process. Our objective is to accumulate a constituency and the data necessary to help implement change in this area. We’re currently gathering information that will assist us in tracking trends and other information necessary for a full assessment that can be presented to legislators and media. We are working very rapidly to lay a foundation for change.


We want disability benefits determinations to be based solely on the physical or mental disability of the applicant. Neither age, education or any other factors should ever be considered when evaluating whether or not a person is disabled. Discrimination of this form is highly illegal in this country, yet this is a standard practice when deciding Social Security Disability determinations and should be considered a violation of our Constitution. This practice should be addressed and eliminated immediately.

We want to eliminate the extraordinary time it takes to process a claim from the original filing date. Why should we have to become homeless, bankrupt, starve, lose our healthcare coverage, suffer untold stress on top of our illnesses, and even die trying to get our benefits? We are now being told that because of the backlog that these are the only circumstances that anyone will even look at our paperwork now no matter how sick we are.

Why should we have to file for welfare, food stamps and Medicaid after we have lost everything due to this backlog - another horrendous process - because of the inadequacies in the Social Security Disability offices and then have to pay Social Services back from our measly benefit checks? Nobody else who files for public assistance has to do that – why are disabled people being discriminated against?

If we provide sufficient medical documents when we originally file for benefits why should we ever be denied at the initial stage, have to hire lawyers, wait years for hearings, go before administrative law judges and be treated like criminals on trial?

Too much weight at the initial time of filing, is put on the independent medical examiner’s and caseworker’s opinion of your claim. The medical examiner only sees you for a few minutes and has no clue how a patient’s medical problems affect their lives after only a brief visit with them. The caseworker never sees you at all! The decision should be based more on the treating physicians opinions and medical records.

The listing of diseases that qualify a person for disability should be updated more frequently to include newly discovered crippling diseases such as the many autoimmune disorders that are ravaging our citizens.

We want to know why our elected officials are ignoring this crisis and doing nothing to reform it? We hope to raise awareness of this problem and join with our elected officials in implementing legislation that will correct this crisis situation.

Social Security Disability Coalition:

Write your elected officials at:

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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 8:27pm
Lj, I read your story of medical chaos involving your life and was mesmerized by your courage. Not only did you take your life into your own hands but you turned a situation of hopelessness into hope for not only yourself but for many. To top this off you did it more than once. Wow! You're incredible!

Thanks for sharing your story with us and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it before it was deleted. The deletion was due to it being assumed that your story was for solicitation purposes only I would think. I'm not completely familiar with the policies at ivillage yet.

I'm glad to see that there are people like you who will make a difference in the lives of those who find themselves disabled and in need of financial support.

Great work your coalition is doing!

May you find increasing comfort and joy with each day that passes!

All the best