Creativity Stress Buster!

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Creativity Stress Buster!
Thu, 12-31-2009 - 6:17pm

Hello all!

When I submerge myself in daily problems, bills, work, co workers, bills (again), I get stressed. Health issues related to stress run in my family, so I need to stay away from stress, because it's harmful.

Besides, I can't even enjoy all of the blessings in my life when I'm stressed.   What I do is balance my life by remembering to be creative. Creativity is important to keep stress at bay.  I personally Unleash my Creativity with painting and writing.

I wrote an e-book called "Unleashing Your Creativity". I hope it helps you. :)Want more info? Click:

     Question:What do you do that's creative and helps you with stress?


Happy New Year. May we all have less stress in our lives in 2010. Let's Unleash Our Creativity Together!


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