Sorry I haven't been around much lately

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Sorry I haven't been around much lately
Fri, 02-05-2010 - 8:44pm

I'm sorry if it seems I've been ignoring you.

I was in the hospital last week with what the doctor though was bug bites that got infected.  After 48 hours of 2 antibiotics at home with only worsening and cellulitis setting in he decided to admit me and have an Infectious Disease doc look at me as well as start me on IV antibiotics.

The Infectious Disease doc had no idea what was going on so he called in a dermatologist.  We went on a field trip to another part of the hospital to the dermatologist's office and after asking a couple of questions he had a preliminary diagnosis.  Sweet's Syndrome.

Sweet's Syndrome is a rare form of auto-immune disease where the body attacks the skin in response to something else. It could be cancer (usually blood related), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Collitis or Lupus as well as a few other's or something as simple as an upper respiratory infection.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, had diarrhea off and on for the past week and I was working on my second upper respiratory infection in 2 weeks.  A biopsy was done to verify the diagnosis but I was started on high doses of prednisone and the next day there was significant improvement.  The problem is, I'm also diabetic so the predinisone is sending my glucose levels on a roller coaster ride. 

With Sweet's Syndrome there's a 30% chance once you have it you'll get it again.  Went to the doc yesterday for a follow-up and I was told that since this can go along with cancer all age appropriate cancer screenings have to be kept up to date.  I've already had my annual pap, mamo and age appropriate colonoscopy in December.   They checked my blood in the hospital so we're just looking at scanning my abdomen. 

Below are a couple of photo's.  The first was taken the day before I saw the doc.  It started with 3 bumps on Friday and by Sunday when this was taken I was up to 7 or 8. 

The second photo was taken 24 hours after starting the prednisone.  Believe it or not the redness and swelling had gone down significantly and this looks much better than the day before.