How do I deal with this?

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How do I deal with this?
Sun, 02-07-2010 - 7:01pm

I'm experiencing a great deal of stress at work. My boss doesn't like me because two years ago, I exposed this problem subordinate of mine who happens to be my boss' favorite and who got fired. You would think he'd be over it by now, but no.

My boss has retaliated against me since. He doesn't give me projects, leaves me out of high-exposure meetings, and doesn't spend any time coaching me. I'm a very good and self-sufficient employee. I am always on top of things, help team members and always gets the work done. But regardless of my accomplishments and accolades at work, he doesn't recognize my work, focuses on every little negative thing I do (which is rare) and continues to give me low performance ratings. Should I complain to HR that he's being unfair and retaliating against me? I feel that he's setting me up to fail and making things unpleasant for me so I would leave.

Also, there seems to be a double standard at work. I have always expressed being interested in working from home, but he strongly discouraged it. He said that we should be at work at all times even though my clients are on the road all the time. Meanwhile, there's this one employee, another favorite, who works part-time and works from home whenever she wants.

Last year, he gave me a low rating because he said I wasn't visible enough because I was out a lot for doctor's visits. Which was true, but I still got the work done. Can he do that? So now, I'm afraid that if I get pregnant or get sick, he'd automatically give me a low rating or fire me.

The problem is I'm also hesitant to approach HR because I know that they side with the managers (even when they're wrong) plus, my manager threatened us a couple of years ago not to air the department's dirty laundry outside of the group and to "keep it in the family".

This isn't right. I feel like I'm being stripped off my rights. Also, he's like this because he knows that there are no jobs out there.

What do I do? How do I approach this?

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Wed, 02-10-2010 - 12:04am

This is a touchy matter.