Help - All Over the place

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Help - All Over the place
Mon, 03-15-2010 - 12:32pm

I have just gone through a painful divorce, moved back to my home country, looking for a job, start over - fresh. Im 25 years of age I have all these things I want to do with my life..But I DONT know where to start!!!


Ok Im still looking for a job, but Im positive Ill find something good as I have Middle East experience. Anyhow, Im hopefully moving to London, a brand new city, but currently living with my mum, my experience is a University degree in the Arts but Ive worked as a legal secretary for some big firms and will be looking to do this in London now.

Ok so, Ive decided what I want to do with my life, I want to be a lawyer, but I want to take the distance learning route, which means I learn from home - Legal Executive course, I will start this from home and it takes on average 4 yrs to finish the entire course, it's like a law degree, providing you do around 7 hours a week.

I really want to also learn Arabic and French - I already speak bits of Arabic and did French in school but really want to learn these in the next 4 years so when I apply for a training contract (to become a lawyer - hopefully in a firm Im already working in as a PA) I have that advantage.

I also want to start to take care of my mind and body, I used to do judo a long time ago when I was married but would love to do kick boxing maybe once a week and start toning up. I want to dance more, I used to dance all the day, Im great at belly dancing, but I want to do this from home, the only thing is the kick boxing I want to learn to do once a week in a club. I have a few yoga dvds also so would love to get back into that.

As a hobby I was always interested in organic beauty products, making my own products and I would love to learn how to cook - do international cooking etc.

I used to work for a local TV station - asian channel but would love to get some experience in a few other channels - news/correspondent programmes. I also want to do charity work! helping other Asian women.

At the moment seen as though Im at home Im not really doing a lot, after my divorce Ive had a real depression, my family constantly tell me how capable I am and how hard working and talented..but I dont know how to focus on all these things and enjoy it..

I also want to read more, learn a lot more about different religions, cultures - visit more places, cities etc, have long term financial goals and achieve them. Im single again and I want to focus on all my dreams and ambitions without burning out.

Is there a way of fitting all this in????? including down time! spending time with my family...I just want to achieve all these so my confidence is increased Im closer to reaching my goal, being a lawyer, earning more, helping others and really seeing the world..becoming everything I want to be..Ive tried writing out a schedule but it becomes hard..can anyone please suggest anything!

:( xxxxxx


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Mon, 03-15-2010 - 6:23pm

Hi and welcome to the board.

You sure have a log of goals and I'm not sure if you can fit them all in at once without burning out FAST.

Rather than make a schedule to fit everything in you could start with a timeline.