Why Are We So Stressed Out?

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Why Are We So Stressed Out?
Fri, 03-19-2010 - 2:49pm

The economy, job cuts, terrorism and war—surveys have shown worrying about those things have caused many a sleepless night. But new research points to a more subtle source for our collective anxiety. A societal shift toward materialism and status seeking may actually be at the root of what some experts contend is an increasingly stressed-out America.

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Is the pursuit of wealth keeping you from finding happiness?

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Sat, 03-20-2010 - 3:53am

I agree that the increase in stress in individuals in today's society is the result of always wanting more, and seeking more material objects. When true happiness comes from within. We studied this particular issue in a Western Civilization course I took when in university. It was a psychology and theology based course.

I admit that I have stressed myself out over materialistic issues. I think that a lot of my own stress is the stress I place on myself to achieve and accomplish all the goals I have for myself, career wise. My career goals are not driven by economic gains. But rather reaching the point in my career where I feel the most satisfied. I have picked a career path that focus on education and mental health. So knowing that I am helping others makes me feel happy. However, the difficult part for myself is that I tend to derive my own happiness from feeling that I am able to make a difference in someone else life. But the down fall in that is that I am always creating new goals for myself, or disappointed in myself if it takes longer to accomplish my goals. So in a way gaining happiness from helping others, has also caused stress for myself. I believe that you have to find an equal balance when it comes to finding happiness. But in reality happiness has to come from within, and should not be derived from any external source.

Thanks for starting this discussion. It is always nice to be reminded about what is truly important in life.