Mean girls at work

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Mean girls at work
Sat, 08-14-2010 - 10:57am
It's bad enough I'm getting tired of my job! but vibes from girls are starting too annoy me continuously. I have no idea why this clique of girls give me a bad vibe. Back 2 1/2 years ago it was fine, I was new we went out once for drinks it was all fine. Then out of no where things started to change. I tend to stay friends with girls at work that I click with at work, Throughout the day ill just hi bye, short convos, smile at other girls who are around my cubicle. I know girls can be catty and its probably for that reason that I get along easier with guys.
ONe day this girl "B" whos very outspoken girl said something so childish to me, we know this same guy who works on another team, and hes a friend, out of no where im minding my own business at my desk and she comes up to me saying ohh I heard your talking to "D' blah blah i was like whooaa, I told her what shes talking about? hes a friend, and has a gf anyway lol. I was furious and i KNow my personality is passive/agressive so i messaged her saying it was uncalled for etc. and shes like im sorry u know i was only playing wateva, that was over with. Then lil vibes i got afer that annoyed me she had her own clique of girls and no one ever gets loud with her cuz of the way she is. So she thinks im "SENSITIVE" well truth is im not, we are not cool like that that she could joke with me and i wont take offense. I decided this girls immature so im not gonna focus on negative energy so I do my work and communicate with ppl in my group and who I get along with.
So I just feel the 3 4 girls shes with have their clique I get a weird vibe from most of them and i just cant stand it!! like FAKEEE!! and i cannot be fake, I tend to show my emotions and it shows on my facial expression! I dunno what to do. Its more like looks and I cant stand the fact that im sure they speak about me behind my back. I just wanna tell them speak to me like an adult straight to my face and we could discuss wateva u want. I dunno for some reason people think im a pushover, u know what im focused at work, but getting sick of it, and i feel like i have all this anger and hate building inside. And i dunno what to do at this point. I dunno why is it always the nice, cute girls that people hate on or maybe its not even that, maybe they are mad they are not getting my attention!
Thanks for hearing me out =).
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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 11:38pm

You're right, some girls but not all can be catty.

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Wed, 08-25-2010 - 2:12pm

I love Dee's idea of writing a letter to her, but don't send it.