Need new job asap- hostile situation

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Need new job asap- hostile situation
Sun, 08-29-2010 - 2:15pm

I'm a single mother with a 3 1/2 year old son with special needs.

I'm currently employed with a nationwide organization. The building is a secured entry/ exit facility. Nobody can walk in from the streets and gain access. No disgruntled customers can get in. There are several people employed at this location.

Within the last month, an employee has been leaving bomb threat letters in the
women's restroom. Now, this person has escalated the threats leaving fake bomb
devices along with threat letters in working areas that do not have cameras. To
date, there have been 7 threats. The last 6 within the last 2 weeks. The police
have only been called in 3 times when things have surfaced and the building
evacuated and searched. The rest of the time they do nothing and some
supervisors have thought it was funny! We've been told we can take time off
until this is resolved but have to use our own pto and will count agsinst our
attendance hours. Not fair!

Last week, my immediate supervisor told me it is not their fault and we all need to stop talking about this. Everybody is extremely concerned for our safety and well-being. A lot of us have called corporate hr to no help, same thing.

Management claims this person is only seeking attention and looking for time off. I as well as others feel this person is not intending to look for attention and is very upset at the company. Because of the numerous threats, the person knows when they get caught, they will be facing a lot of jail time and at this point may do something and won't care who they harm. After the 3rd time, all they have done is install cameras in common areas and retain addtional security officers from the company they already use to walk through the facility.

Not one law enforcement officer has been in interviewing employees or management or corporate to get to the bottom of this.

Yesterday, we had a brief meeting with our supervisor on an update. Basically, told same thing we keep hearing. They're going to start having everybody enter 1 location to be checked upon entry. They did not say when this will start.

I am feeling extremely uncomfortable and no longer safe in this environment when
nothing is being done. There is obviously a disgruntled employee on our hands
and possibly contemplating doing some harm.

I canceled my overtime today so I can find a new job. Hopefully, one comes fast. I can't deal with this anymore.

I exhausted all my savings some time back due to the economy, so I can't just up and leave. I haven't been there a year to qualify for FMLA and take leave.

I also posted this on a job board  as well.



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Sun, 08-29-2010 - 5:44pm

Whether you plan on getting another job or not I'd report the company and management to as many agencies as I can.