rather sudden onset of astigmatism .....

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rather sudden onset of astigmatism .....
Mon, 03-24-2003 - 10:38am

rather sudden onset of astigmatism .. should I be worried.

12 years ago I had an eye exam at age 17. I had 20/20 vision in one eye and slightly less than 20/20 in the other.

5 years ago I had another routine eye exam, which gave me basically the same results. In fact I remember the optimetrist stating that most people would love to have my good vision.

Over the past 2 years I have noticed words being difficult to read from far away (i.e. road signs, small print on TV). Then 4 months ago I was visiting my sister at the doctor's office where she works and I checked out my vision on the eye chart. I was shocked to see how blurry the vision in my right eye had become. So I went to see the same optimetrist I had seen as a teenager.

He found that I had a bad stigmatism in my right eye and he was surprised that my exam 5 years earlier had not noted any astigmatism (if it had, it was not significant enough for me to remember). He also noted that asigmatisms do not usually come on so quickly unless there is an underlying biological reason (i.e., tumor or other pressure on optic nerve, etc.).

I am busy trying to track down my previous eye exam record from 5 years ago to double check the results, but should I be worried??