MORE HELPFUL HINTS....please read

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MORE HELPFUL HINTS....please read
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 12:51pm
Okay, I am still having fun playing around with this....

First off, in case you didn't read my other post....LOG IN at the top.

That should always be first.

Then click on OUTLINE VIEW just below the header to see all the

posts and their replies.

New Hint: on the right where it has a drop down box, you can

click on UNREAD MESSAGES and it will show you posts with replies you

haven't read yet, more or less. That makes it easier for me, at least!

Also, it is very helpful to keep both OUTLINE VIEW and FOLDER view open.

When you read a post, it opens up in a new window. When done reading the

post, just click off and it will take you back to the view you were last

in, usually.

When reloading the main page, you should only have the Folder view open.

Okay, off to errands.....